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Protecting our Globally Rare Grey Seals
& Uncommon Common Seals

South Devon is one of the locations fortunate to regularly see Grey Seals.  These are however a globally rare species so The Seal Project was set up to monitor and protect these amazing creatures, reduce negative impact factors and raise awareness of the importance of protecting them. 


Along with these Globally rare Grey Seals we are fortunate to also monitor and record a small number of Common Seals.  We observe, record & recognise many of these seals as they return time and again to our shores.  Following their lives and building up a picture of their life stories.  These are amazing creatures.

Give wildlife space.
Do not feed. 
Respect Wildlife.

Our Aims

To monitor and protect the Grey seal population along with the less frequently seen Common seals around the South Devon shores, throughout the Torbay and South Hams coastal and inland waterways.  Ensuring the conservation, protection and welfare of these amazing creatures.  Through monitoring, recording, naming, and educating the young and old, creating potential for research and long term protection.  

To engage with the public, advance the education and awareness through all ages, from the very young to the much younger at heart.  We are so fortunate to see these amazing creatures but we need to know how to manage the perception.  These are amazing and inquisitive creatures, however they are wild and as such need to be left to live their wild lives without our intervention or disturbance.


Engaging with the public, from out and about conversations, to organised talks, stands, Schools, Colleges, University students, shows, festivals, fetes, clubs, town hall events, local on site events with other agencies, cafe and club talks, one to one volunteers, online engagement, all talks tailored to suit all ages.

What we do

All of the Trustees of The Seal Project are British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics, which includes the Devon Area Co-ordinator, and some of our other volunteers are also BDMLR Medics too, so we are always on call for BDMLR call outs - and because of our local knowledge of the seals we see regularly, we often know which seals are causing concern and why!


We work alongside students from various colleges and universities, which has included Falmouth, Plymouth & Bournemouth.

Duke of Edinburgh Students also volunteer their time along with other keen & interested volunteers taking part in surveys, blogs, vlogs, website work, surveys, litter picks & poster creating. 

There are No age barriers, just a willing mind, maybe a camera, a fondness of the outdoors and an interest in these amazing creatures. 

If you've never encountered a seal in the wild before - once you have  - there's no turning back! You will be hooked!

How can you help?

Be a part of our team.  

From helping with surveys, to assisting with seal identification, spreading our message through handing out leaflets, being great at art or being a wizz on the computer,

or social media - if you can help, please get in touch!

Come and survey seals with us, join us for a walk & talk.  Be prepared for all weathers, we watch seals at all times of day from hours you possibly didn't know existed! 

But they are the best hours of the day!... we also do normal hours!

Share your seal photos, photography skills, social skills, spreading awareness of these amazing wild creatures.  Help us at stalls & fetes, to sell items to raise vital funds.

Sing, dance and get us noticed!  Provide IT or social media skills. Arty, creative skills... come up with ideas we haven't thought of!  

We would love to hear from you! 

Help us in any way you can and tell your friends about us.  One thing we've learnt is as a coastal community, so many local people have no awareness of the amazing

wildlife on our doorsteps.  Let us share this with you and in turn, them.

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