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1. Be a coastal role model

For this section pick tasks that will help you be knowledgeable about the environment, seal conservation and coastal habitats

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                       survey sheets

    Contribute to a seal survey!


                                                    Keeping records

                                         Practice keeping records. Find

                                                            a habitat in your garden or locally to                                                                      you, that you can record thoroughly &                                                 regularly.



Study project

If you would like to study something, let us know and we might

be able to help. What would you like to know more about?                

     Awareness of other groups

Think about your local area. Would any local

groups like to know more about seals? Maybe

you could help us present to them later?


          Evolution & Adaption

 Find out about seal evolution and adaptation

 with the specialists at Tynemouth Aquarium


              BBC/info video links 

  What can you find out about grey seals? Become an expert!

                  1. Find out about Northern grey seals with this beautiful film.


                  2. Have a go at this OU short course:


                           3.   Diving with seals:


                            4. What is it like being a seal pup:



          Plot out food webs

What do seals eat?

What prevents seals from feeding ?

Have a look at this sheet and send us in

 your own diagrams 




Create an impact record

Citizen science increases the amount of people

keeping an eye out for difficulties on our coastlines. Our team looks for signs of entanglement on seals, birds and wildlife, water pollution, bones and illness in marine life, also increases in       

       marine life, signs of pups and positives. Can you create a survey?

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