How can we help the seals?

We can identify and record the seals that are living on our coastline and work with other organisations to piece together the lives of our seals

We can raise awareness that will encourage everyone to seek a human/nature balance on our beaches.

We can actively make nature our responsibility on our beaches and in our homes. 

Let's take some ownership of our conservation challenges!

Community Conservation

There will be calls to help announced on our latest news. We will also be adding a link here soon to a calendar of events for after lockdown.

Stop Wildlife Crime

Watch this space for plans, as they emerge, that will help us to help these beautiful creatures.

Take part in our art exhibition

We are holding an art exhibition in late June and we are trawling the bay for local artists that can submit art on the theme of "a Seals Ocean"

email for more information.

A little fun

Check out this link to wordsearches, spot the difference and a little seal fun!

Brixham College Ambassadors

A wonderful group of young people from Brixham college are working with us as Eco ambassadors. It's early days and everyone is currently stuck at home, but we can't wait to see the guys again!

Education & Policy

Help us to get the word out there about seal conservation! Fancy becoming part of our education program?



Protect our coastline

Many ways to help!

the Seal Project

Keeping our distance .

Raising awareness. 

Being kind.


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