Join us online for a small celebration of seal & ocean art, whilst we wait for better times and real life exhibitions. A huge thank you to our contributors as we raise awareness for our special coastline!

Meet our first six artists; Lisette, Jamie, Jaime, Penelope, Duncan and Annie

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Pricki Pear.jpg

Lisett Callejas 


"The essential is invisible to the eyes - the little prince repeated to remember" . Antoine de Saint - Exupery. 

My name is Lisett Callejas, I am Salvadoran illustrator who loves seals and I have chosen to contribute to this exhibition with some watercolors and digital illustrations of seals  that I have done. Here we have "seals mothers day", "Prickli pear", "cloudberry" and "Earth day".

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Duncan Kenny

I live by the sea and the UK coast inspires me every day. My connection to coastal habitats enables me to want to learn, experience and document our beautiful native and migratory wildlife. I use a variety of media to paint, draw, scribble and record my observations, inspirations and thoughts, from pencil, oil paint & acrylics to photography to film and digital drawing. Whatever inspires me dictates how an art piece develops. As my passion for the natural world grows I see it integrate with my work. I am learning to illustrate and promote conservation at the same time and look forward to seeing where this will take me.

Please contact duncankenny@live.com if you are interested in seeing m ore of his work.

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Jamie Chown

A very versatile artist, the Cornish light certainly sees Jamie lean towards the bright and vivid colours of the Cornish coast. Featured are acrylics of the Coastal path and a 3d cardboard construction from reclaimed items. If you would like to encourage Jamie please send comments via winsland9@gmail.com

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Jamie Chown 6.jpg
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Penelope O'Connor

Penelope O’Connor is a Textile Artist living in a small hamlet in North Cornwall. Having loved fabric, drawing and embroidery since childhood, Penelope went on to experiment with print design, colour and quilting techniques during her BA Honours Degree in Textiles at the West Surrey College of Art and Design. Since then, Penelope has sold textile designs internationally and most recently sells her work through Collectives in Cornwall and Devon at: Winifred and Mabel, Wadebridge, Zebediahs, Launceston, Daisy craft, Bude and West Country Crafters, Bucks Cross. Penelope runs workshops at Cartwheels Craft Centre, Merrymeet and quilting groups in Cornwall and Devon. Penelope’s love for finding beautiful, unusual cloth has led her to source fabrics from around the world, ranging from as close to home as her local suppliers, to as far away as Japan and India.

Contact angeldaisy_120@hotmail.com if you are interested in any of Penelope's work


Jaime Bran

A wildlife illustrator fom El Salvador, we love this harbour and grey seal pair. They really capture the character of our local seals. For further work from Jaime please contact him at branartworks@yahoo.com or go to https://www.deviantart.com/bran-artworks

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Annie Winsland

Cornish doodler, Annie studied at Cheltenham school of art. Her favourite medium is pen and ink, lightweight & fuss free,enabling a lot of hiking and sketching along the Cornwall coast. This set of sketches are 20cmx20cm each. The originals are £25 each mounted on black. Printed cards with blank centres are available £2.50 each or £12 the set. All profits go to the Seal Project. 

Contact winsland9@gmail.com.