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  • Know your coast and become a Role Model

  • Promote the Seal Project

  • Present to others and raise awareness

  • Support your local community

  • Help your coastal habitats

What is a Coastal Ambassador?

There is a way for everyone to care for their coastal environments and the creatures that live there. As a student, sign up and let us know which school you are from. We can help you to agree what tasks you could do and once you have completed 20 hours of work and at least one task from 5 categories, you will receive a report and certificate that you can use when applying for jobs or college/university placements.

How do I take part?

  • Complete the sign up sheet

  • Download the passport

  • Think about what skills you want to improve on

  • Pick some at least one task from 5 categories and record what you achieve in your passport.

  • Having helped for 20 hours, let us know what you have completed and we will send you your certificate


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

How do pick what to do?

1.Know your coast & 

   be a role model

2.Present to others

3. Promote good practise

4. Support your


5. Help others

Lazy Seal
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