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2. Present&



For this section pick tasks that will help help you to present information about the coast and the environment to others. This can be in models, pictures, podcast, video or words!

             Scientific Illustration
Can you help to map your local
coast? Pick a rockpool and map
what is where. Make sure you 
      think about scale!
Speaking in front of others
If you could tell others about our
seals, what would you tell them?
Plan or video a short presentation

               Blogs and podcasts
Take a look at these blogs and podcasts.
Do you think you could make one?

       Science practical videos
Run a short experiment. grow the same
seeds in 6 different conditions (soil type,
amount of water & sun) and record your
results. Learn the basics of scientific enquiry.

               Art and craft
Use your art & craft tools to show
others the aspects of your coast that
you care about. Send photos to 


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