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Promote good PractiCe.

For this section pick tasks that will help help you to encourage others to get involved with positive environmental activities and conservation methods 

Daily challenge calendar
Set yourself a one month challenge
You can choose to do something for a month (swim every day, walk 5000 steps a day, pick up litter and record what you collect in a month). Otherwise try our one month challenge! Let us know what you get up to at

Individual environmental care
Be a nature journalist. Interview someone else about their thoughts on the environment, climate change, global warming, coastlines, pollution. Best entries will be published to this site.

Watch this space for upcoming competitions

D of E is a great way to prove your value. The scouts are great to.

Explain your piece of coast
Tell us about the local coastline you know well, and what inspires you about it.

Create a do's & don'ts list
Help us to help others. Let them know what they should do if they come across a seal on the beach. 

Help in the fight against plastic pollution
Sadly, many seal injuries we see are due to plastic pollution of the oceans. Entanglements in plastic bags, litter and fishing wire can be seen on our uk coasts on a daily basis. Reduce your own use of plastics, recycle where you can and when you cant, cut up plastics and dispose of them in the best way possible. Helping keep your local environment clear of litter is also really helpful.


What can I do about climate change?
Our world has really started to wake up to the need for changeWe are seeing cars become electric, wider use of solar and wind power. It feels like as individuals we cannot save the planet. However, I can decide to be better and inspire my family to be more responsible. A group of families clean a beach and then the community finds ways to be more environmentally friendly. That snowball effect will be the key to progress and any little thing you do is of real value. Let us know what you do at and be part of world change.


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