5. Help your coastal habitat

For this section pick tasks that will help help you to actively help your local marine wildlife. From reducing plastic waste to future study.

Beach Cleaning & litter picks

Can you help?



Charities across the UK are struggling due to Covid. As a project we are trying to be as frugal as possible and not ask our members for money. We have decided not to run active fundraising campaigns whilst everyone struggles a little financially at the moment. Previous fundraising has been through:

- Calor gas crowdfunder

- Individual sponsorship for endurance such as 365 Swim and running

- Donations from local groups and small ventures

- Business funding

If you have an idea let us know and we are grateful for all support.


Join the debate

When we think about conservation we need to be able to argue different points of view. Gather some friends or family and hold a debate. Click the button to find out how to conduct a formal debate.

Assist with seal identification

Keep your eyes open for course sessions that show you how to identify seals. We can show you the differences between common and grey seals, males & females. We use fur patterns to establish recognisable seals and send the information to a network database.


Future study routes

Next Steps Southwest have students studying Marine Biology that are waiting to talk to you about degree study in coastal environments. Follow this link to unibuddy or read the attached information sheet.

seal spotter app

Download Epicollect on your phone. When you see a seal let us know using this new app.

Help us to know where the seals are and enjoy being part of citizen science.

Create art from recycled materials

Be inspired by Upcycling - Candy Medusa, Artist, Illustrator


Be able to explain camouflage

Why do our seals camouflage? Have a go yourself. We can use camouflage in our wildlife photography so that we don't scare creatures. Take a look at our hidden animals and send us

photos of your own disguises.

seal id.jfif
seal id 2.jfif
seal id 2.jfif
gilly 1.jpg
gilly 5.jpg
gilly 3.jpg
gilly 4.jpg
gilly 6.jpg