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4. Be a community builder

For this section pick tasks that will help help you to support community initiatives. Think about helping your local charity and encourage others to join in with positive change.

Create a group of your own

If you can find a like minded friend or two, raising your voice together makes it louder. Take a look at this "collective" resource to find out how to set up a formal group.

Support a local event

After lock down the Seal Project will link you to a calendar of volunteer events. In the meantime can you think of anyone in your local community that could use some help? Maybe an elderly person cannot get outside for exercise and you could send them pictures of the beach or set up a bird feeder outside of their window. Perhaps you could leave a trail for young children to follow on an Easter walk? At the moment your community may be just your family. Is anyone in your family needing cheering up or help at all?

Contact: if you want to help local elderly people.


Build & share a hide

Take a look at some great hides. Find a spot to hide. How can you record what you see of hear? Perhaps have a camera or phone camera, binoculars, i.d. books, clipboard, flask of tea and biscuits and enjoy some screen free time, understanding more about nature in your hide.



Creative social messages 

It is one thing to put a message onto social media but how can you make it have more impact? Can you make a short video, put together an art piece or think of a creative way to illustrate yur messages. Can you send your message to many other similarly interested social messaging groups? Can you write poetry or make music? 

Know your community

Take a great wildlife photo

Share the stories of our local seals

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