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Devon County 2022 show done and dusted... very well if we say so ourselves!

We planned to update you - but the show ground coverage wasn't great and to be honest the set up, the rain, the giggles, the school crowds, and the long days all took over from the simple things we all had planned. As a group we spent three days saying 'we must have a group photo'... it didn't happen, but good times were had, and Seadream Education who kindly invite us regularly to be part of this amazing Ocean Discovery Zone were awarded a Prince of Wales Award 2022 in recognition of their community work. Please check them out. they are amazing people with such knowledge. I do what I do because I love it, ( and just pointing out I have very clever qualified volunteers) but these guys are qualified and clever women who I admire greatly and we are very proud to be involved with them, and we do love the Devon County Show.

Here are a few images from this year's show... as ever, you always think you've taken more photos than you have.

Massive thanks to Hannah Beaumont who you need to check out on Instagram Meandtheplasticsea who was fab. We met during the Easter Bunny Beach clean days - check out his story and it will all make sense. Hannah kindly spent the first day of the show with us.

Days Two and Three I had both Nicola Dunkin & Jodie Warren, two of our fabulous volunteers, who alongside most of The Seal Project Team are British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics - which given along side Juliette & Jeanette from Seadream Education and the BDMLR stand run by our very own Trustee Chris Berry - who is also Devon Area Coordinator for BDMLR - it was quite a family event!

Thank you to everyone who came to talk to us, ask questions, ask us if we had dinosaurs, and cuddle and or un-entangle our cuddly seals, and the Arthur's who let us take photos - I sadly don't think we got a photo of the 'Arthur & Juliette'siblings - but if you read this please send us a photo! Its the first time our Seal skeletons have met so many name sakes, and the first time they've met siblings!

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