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End of "lockdown" for the wildlife survey boat

There is finally movement at the Marina at Galmpton and that gave us an opportunity to get to work on sprucing up the wildlife survey boat!

I say "we" but all I have managed is a spot of cleaning. The bulk of the work has taken many hours for Lee Allen.

Sanded, painted, anti foul applied, an engine overhaul and countless other tasks. Lee has worked incredibly hard to do as much possible voluntary work to minimize the time that the boat has to spend out of the water.

He is hoping to get the boat back in the water ready for the next survey weekend commencing July 9th. We can't thank him enough. With the boat in good working order we can survey 40km of coastline, recording and caring for all the marine life along that stretch. This is all made possible from donations and the Seal Project count ourselves very lucky to have access to our Wildlife Survey Boat (Equinox 2). Keep an eye out for us on our travels and give us a wave!

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