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It's that Grey Seal pupping time of year

It's been a busy but so far successful season for the few seal pups we are fortunate to have had born around our coastline.

We may have a number of adult and juvenile seals around our shores but pupping isn't something we encounter too often so every pup we do know about we monitor well.

Obviously we don't give out numbers or locations, but one seal pup in particular was born on an accessible beach, easily approached by humans and dogs. Because of this with the help of locals and holiday makers alike, the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) the landowners landlords and the local beach coffee van, along with BDMLR Medics and The Seal Project team, we kept one pup as safe as we could - with regular updates from those kind enough to watch over 'Melon' as the pup was named, and by ourselves.

Mum did give us a few tense hours, and on one overly summery September day the pup was getting quite distressed on the open, warm sunny beach - so we thought intervention might be necessary - but thankfully this wasn't needed and mum came back to feed the pup who was clearly stressed and getting dehydrated.

A matter of days later mum did abandon the pup, but the last time we saw 'Melon' - who was still a white coat - she was a nice plump pup who appeared to be coping well with life.

Here's hoping she has thrived and survived. Certainly the pups we know of, apart from some disturbance issues, were all born in kind weather conditions, with no rough seas or heavy storms to contend with.

That's not to say they are out of the woods yet, but they have had a decent start to life and here's to long and happy lives for them all.

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