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Living Your Best Sustainable Life

Updated: May 2, 2020

Whilst we are at home, my daughter and I have challenged ourselves that every plastic object we but needs to be used twice...

To be honest there is always a need for a pot! Our little garden has benefited most from our plan this month. We have makeshift pots and bottle lids (it does look like we are growing water bottles!)

See our little mini greenhouses and anti slug defenders!

This yogurt pot has been turned into a useful

peanut shelf for our beloved local squirrel visitors!

All of my art pots and mixing plates were once something else. I was given a great tip. If you really find something has come to the end of its life, and it contains a circle (rim or edge) just give it a snip before you pop it into the recycling bin!

“Don't give up.

You cannot reverse time, or change the world by yourself. But you can encourage others to be more thoughtful and then all of the sudden the collective will impact change”

H Rosenweld 1952

I would love to see photo's of your up-cycled plastics........go on, inspire us :-)

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