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No more soggy surveys!

We have ourselves a new canopy to our Survey Boat.

Many thanks to @Ocean Covers & Upholstery who have created the perfect cover for the back of the survey boat. No more soggy surveys, no more freezing cold boat trips, getting soaked and having to huddle up and keep cameras dry!

We now have a bright airy canopy with big windows, which we can remove as and when weather and sea conditions allow!

You've no idea how excited and happy about this we are. Surveying is fantastic - but once you're cold and wet it really doesn't seem so much fun, and camera kit really doesn't work so well if its wet or damp.

Many thanks to Dav & Jess who worked really had to make this work for us, and went above and beyond to ensure they managed to get this done when things didn't go quite to plan on our part, and also for their kind sponsorship towards the cost of the cover. Everything we do relies on donations so this was very much appreciated.

Please check them out on Facebook and Instagram, they are now Brixham based.

Now for some cleaning and maintenance and we are good to go survey!

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