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Update on last winter's entangled seal...

Unfortunately there isn't one. We are saddened that no one has encountered this seal since our post from October 2021. Unfortunately adult seals are not easily rescued. They have to be on easily accessible land for any assessment to be done - this does not apply to tidal rocky areas. Seals, despite how they appear - are fast moving when they need to be and can move quickly back into the sea if spooked. Rescuing an adult seal requires quite an organised plan of action and a good team, along with a very good opportunity for success for this to be undertaken, as wild seals have teeth, claws and attitude, especially when sick or injured.

As a result unfortunately many seals live a number of years in this entangled state before they are either found suffering, or worse. Its why we try so hard to promote litter picking etc. Seals are inquisitive creatures, we don't see the dangers in what we discard. We should.

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